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Modern Fashion Effect

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to adjust the hues of individual tones and colours to produce vibrant reds and violet shadows, great for fashion shots.
A photo with red accents will work great with this effect.
The stock photo I’ve used for this tutorial can be downloaded here.
With your photo open in Photoshop, click on the adjustment layer button at the bottom of your layers panel, and choose Brightness/Contrast.
To begin with we just want to brighten the overall photo a little, and the settings you use will depend on the photo you’re using.
For this photo I’ve set the  Brightness to +20 and the Contrast to +10.
Next add a Selective Color adjustment layer, this will allow us to  adjust the hues of individual colours and tones.
First select Black from the drop-down list, and then use the settings shown above, giving the blacks a violet hue.
Next choose Neutrals and adjust the sliders so they match the image above to give the neutral tones a redish purple hue.
And for the White tones, adjust the sliders to give it a yellow hue.
Finally adjust the Red tones making them saturated and more vibrant.
Here’s the final outcome.
There are a couple more photos below with exactly the same settings applied.
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Thanks for reading :)
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