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Cupcake pink photo effect

Learn how to give your photos a warm, pink and yummy flavour, great for cakes and confectionary.

The Final Outcome

The Photo

Well lit photos with pinks and whites will work great with this effect.
The stock photo I’ve used for this tutorial can be downloaded here.


First, with the photo open in Photoshop, click on the adjustment layer button at the bottom of the layer panel and choose Curves.


We’ll now adjust the contrast of the photo using only the color picker options.
Click on the black colour picker button in the Curves box, then find a dark spot in the photo and click on it to establish it as the darkest point of the photo.
Then similarly take the white color picker and use it to choose the lightest part of the photo.


Next, add a Selective Color adjustment layer, and in the Colors dropdown box choose Whites.
Move the Yellow slider up to +25, giving the white part of the photo a yellow tint.


Now choose Neutrals, and take the Magenta slider to +20.


Finally choose Blacks, and take the Yellow slider to -30, and the Black slider to -5.


Lastly we will lighten the top  of the image with a couple of Gradients.
Make sure you your foreground colour set to white in your colour palette, then add a Gradient adjustment layer.
The gradient should be set to white to transparent as default, if not you will have to change it manually.
Set it to Linear with the angle at -90, and the scale at 100%.


Set the gradient layer’s blending mode to Soft Light.


Duplicate the gradient layer, and take the duplicate’s layers opacity down to 50%.

The Final Outcome

Here’s how the final effect should look.
Below are some more examples of photos with exactly the same process applied.
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Thanks for reading :)
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